Meet Marley

PhD Student, MSW, Certified Meditation Instructor,

Certified Corporate Trainer, Education Consultant 

Marley is the founder of The BFCA Experience LLC. She is a graduate from  University of Central Florida and the proud alumni of The Great Bethune-Cookman University. Marley earned her Graduate Degree in Social Work; which has allowed her to work with all demographics including: athletes, families, and individuals. Marley is currently earning her doctoral degree in Social Work at Barry University in Miami, Florida. Her professional experience includes Executive Director of Admissions in Healthcare, Regional Director of Education for Tutoring and College Readiness, and Curriculum Development for substance abuse, athletic transition, and security officers within healthcare settings. Marley have utilized her athletic skills by transferring them into corporate america and developing her own business.

Marley  shares her intercollegiate athletic experience and corporate journey with students and educators to better prepare for recruitment, academic readiness, and preparation for Corporate America. Marley's research interest is focused on the emotional and mental impact for black female collegiate athletes as they shift from being an athlete to a professional, but her passion is contributing to the growth of all athletes; especially women.

Marley has presented at USF for the National Council of Negro Women as the Keynote speaker, numerous workshops,  Social Work Symposium at Barry University, and more! She also has worked with local volleyball and football teams at West Boca High School, Boca High School, and Spanish River High School.  She also presented at the National Association of Social Work Conference in Orlando Florida; June 2019. Marley presented on the racial and athletic identity challenges that many black female collegiate athletes encounter. She also presented at the Alliance of Social Workers in Sports in Denver, CO; October 2019 and in Feb 2020; DTLR Lifestyle featured Panelist sponsored by Puma. Ms. Holmes continues to share her journey and research via podcast interviews, her podcast, Yup, She Said It, and magazine features, with her most recent publication in 9nine Point Magazine.

As a Social Worker and Certified Meditation Instructor from the south Florida region, Marley strives to support and guide all individuals with restructuring their mindset and learning stress management skills. She has dedicated her life to help individuals reconnect and discover their authentic self.

"Trust your intuition and success will follow"

Marley Holmes

Professional History
  • Doctoral Leadership Fellowship Award Winner

  • Former Executive Director in Healthcare

  • Former District Manager of College Readiness Program

  • Former Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselor

  • Adjunct Professor at Bethune-Cookman University

  • Public Speaker (Keynote Speaker, National Conferences, Podcast Interviews, and more)

  • Featured on Iheartradio in West Palm Beach, Florida        



  • Registered Clinical Social Worker

  • Certified Meditation Instructor

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Healthcare Corporate Trainer

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