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Valon Alford is an award winning clinical social worker with advanced training and

certifications in Sex Education, Sex Therapy, and Maternal Mental Health. Currently, Valon

works as a Clinical Instructor and Psychotherapist with the University of North Carolina’s

Women’s Mood Disorder Clinic. Additionally, Valon is the Owner of Vitality Wellness

Solutions, PLLC, a sexual health organization that promotes pleasure, wellness, and advocacy through workshops, consultation, and therapy. In past professional roles, Valon has worked with children and families across the lifespan in various capacities, including permanency & adoption social worker, intensive outpatient mental health clinician with veterans, medical social worker & psychotherapist for active duty military personnel, and liaison for retired NFL players. Valon’s work embodies cultural humility and emphasis on intersectionality, or the ways in which multiple systems of oppression affect Black people (and Black women) in particular, especially as it relates to mental, sexual, and maternal/reproductive health.

Valon is a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional through Postpartum Support

International. She completed the Sexual Health Certificate Program at the University of

Michigan School of Social Work in 2019, where she obtained a certificate in sex therapy and

sexuality education. Valon received dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Human Development & Family Studies and African American Studies with a minor in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2009. She received her Master of Social Work degree from Howard University in 2011. She is licensed as an independent clinical social worker in the District of Columbia and North Carolina. Valon currently lives in Durham, NC with her family.

CEO and Founder | Vitality Wellness Solutions | PLLC


Ariassa Wilson

Aka "Coach Rees"

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Ariassa Wilson, known as Coach Rees is a dynamic, authentic, growth minded individual. Former head college basketball coach, current student, retention manager, supervisor, professor, curriculum developer and consultant; she brings 15 years of leadership, teaching and coaching experience from basketball courts, classrooms, to boardrooms and Zoom.

Coach Rees’s passion for life and seeing other people grow, led her to:

  • Earn a Bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry and Psychology

  • A Masters in Coaching and Administration

  • Playing professional basketball in Brazil

  • Create a non-profit geared towards leadership and life skill development for marginalized youth.

  • Visit all 50 states and 26 countries

Hard work, passion and purpose driven are a few phrases to describe Rees. Coach Rees has coached up individuals across the globe, in countries like Colombia, to rural parts of Alaska; speaking at assemblies and numerous college leadership development events. Her background includes coaching individuals from all walks of life, from first generation college students, professional athletes, professors, entrepreneurs, to real estate investors.

Coach Rees’s life conviction is to empower others to believe they are worthy of investing in themselves. This is done through passion, love, repetition, relationship. Rees will assist you in discovering your life's mission, vision and purpose. Using specific tactics that contribute to growth in your emotional intelligence, self-efficacy and behavioral finance, empowering you to thrive with confidence by centering yourself.

When not serving others, Rees is working to complete her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, running real estate investment companies, and traveling the world. Rees is proud to lead and serve and to be a role model for others while dismantling injustices and stereotypes, to promote anti-racist structures.

Founder | You-Ish

Former Clients and Guest Speaker/Panel Events

Millsap College 

Jackson, Mississippi 

Black Athlete Empowerment Workshop







Clara Health

San Francisco, California

Virtual Meditation and Mental Wellness Event



Impala Racing Team

San Francisco, California 

Athletic Identity Workshops for Female Cross Country Runners




University of Texas-Austin

The African-America Sport Experience Panel 

Athlete Talk




PUMA and DTLR: HER Lifestyle Panel

Super Bowl Miami




Soulkation Life Class Panel: Family Matters

Family Trauma, Co-parenting, and Breaking Generational Curses






IHeartRadio: West Palm Beach Radio

Your Best Life Show: Joy 106.3 FM

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